A Practical Guide to Indie Game Marketing, Dreskin J., 2016

A Practical Guide to Indie Game Marketing, Dreskin J., 2016.

   Welcome to A Practical Guide to Indie Game Marketing! “Practical Guide” is a central principle driving the approach to this book. These pages provide tools and tactics for marketing your indie games, drawn from game marketing plans, case studies and seasoned industry veterans.
Marketing is nearly as critical for new indies’ success as the games themselves. This book focuses on providing insights, key concepts and tools for effectively building visibility and interest in your games—whether you choose to market them yourself, hire specialists, work with agencies or sign with publishers.

A Practical Guide to Indie Game Marketing, Dreskin J., 2016

Marketing Fundamentals.
Marketing can be as essential for the success of your game as the game itself. Poor planning or neglect with marketing can kill an indie studio’s dreams just as much as a sloppy approach to development. Some look at marketing as a task they should probably get to at some point. Too often, they never dive into it at all, or get to it very late in the process as an afterthought—and then might not consider the absence of marketing as a key factor if the game underperforms. Some might decide to skip marketing completely, believing they don’t have the budget to support their games. Some want to believe that they don’t need marketing because their game will sell itself.

Developers and aspiring studios that want to make games for a living and continue as indies should do everything they can to achieve these goals, including marketing! Successful marketing can provide a strong foundation for your studio’s ongoing growth and for sharing your creations with as many people as possible. And you don’t need a huge budget.

1 Introduction.
2 Marketing Fundamentals.
3 Branding.
Written by Guest Author Tom Byron.
Case Study: Klei Entertainment.
4 Developing Your Marketing Campaign and Calendar.
5 Marketing Vehicles That Can Work Well for Indies.
Case Study: Supergiant Games.
6 Developing the Marketing Plan.
Case Study: The Binary Mills Mini Motor Racing.
7 PR.
Written by Guest Author Emily Morganti.
Case Study: Additional PR Examples.
8 Marketing Materials.
9 Audience/Community Development.
Case Study: Telltale Games.
10 Post-Launch.
Case Study: Flippfly's Race the Sun.
11 What If Something Goes Wrong?!.
Appendix One: Glossary.
Appendix Two: Marketing Fundamentals Worksheet.
Appendix Three: Marketing Plan Outline.
Appendix Four: Checklists.
Appendix Five: Press Release Worksheet.

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