Focus 4, Word Store, 2020

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Focus 4, Word Store, 2020.

Фрагмент из книги.
on as a preposition
on your keyboard, on the Internet It’s not a good idea to store films and music on a laptop.

Focus 4, Word Store, 2020

around = approximately
It has existed for around 100 years.
It is home to around 200 bird species.

around as a preposition
around the house, all around the world They love to play with their prey, kicking it around the playground.

around in phrasal verbs
I don’t want you hanging around the flat in the daytime.
Shop around for stores that encourage recycling.

1 Live and learn.
2 Human nature.
3 Living spaces.
4 Shopping around.
5 Off to work.
6 A matter of fact.
7 It’s not rocket science!.
8 Costing the earth.

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