Focus 3, Word Store, 2020

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Focus 3, Word Store, 2020.

Фрагмент из книги.
Wide is used to measure the space between two points – it’s more concrete than broad, e.g. How wide is it? a wide road, wide open … Broad is used more to describe the thing that fills the space – it’s more abstract, e.g. broad-minded, broad shoulders … NOT How broad is it?

Focus 3, Word Store, 2020

one (a number)
move to a higher position or increase
Hurry up.
At 6 a.m. they’ll be getting up.

one in phrases
one day, one morning, etc.: We saw trees that may one day disappear from our planet.
On the one hand: On the one hand, there are several arguments for making contact.

1 A new look.
2 It’s just a game.
3 On the go.
4 Eat, drink and be healthy.
5 Planet Earth.
6 Good health.
7 Entertain me.
8 Modern society.

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