Artificial Intelligence for Marketing, Practical Applications, Sterne J., 2017

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Artificial Intelligence for Marketing, Practical Applications, Sterne J., 2017.

   Forewords to books can play a variety of roles. One is to describe in more general terms what the book is about. That’s not really necessary, since Jim Sterne is a master at communicating complex topics in relatively simple terms.
Another common purpose is to describe how the book fits into the broader literature on the topic. That doesn’t seem necessary in this case, either, since there isn’t much literature on artificial intelligence (AI) for marketing, and even if there were, you’ve probably turned to this book to get one easy-to-consume source.

Artificial Intelligence for Marketing, Practical Applications, Sterne J., 2017

We start with AI, artificial intelligence, as it is the overarching term for a variety of technologies. AI generally refers to making computers act like people. “Weak AI” is that which can do something very specific, very well, and “strong AI” is that which thinks like humans, draws on general knowledge, imitates common sense, threatens to become self-aware, and takes over the world.

We have lived with weak AI for a while now. Pandora is very good at choosing what music you might like based on the sort of music you liked before. Amazon is pretty good at guessing that if you bought this, you might like to buy that. Google’s AlphaGo beat Go world champion Lee Sedol in March 2016. Another AI system (DeepStack) beat experts at no-limit, Texas Hold’em Poker.10 But none of those systems can do anything else. They are weak.

Foreword by Tom Davenport.
Chapter 1 Welcome to the Future.
Chapter 2 Introduction to Machine Learning.
Chapter 3 Solving the Marketing Problem.
Chapter 4 Using AI to Get Their Attention.
Chapter 5 Using AI to Persuade.
Chapter 6 Using AI for Retention.
Chapter 7 The AI Marketing Platform.
Chapter 8 Where Machines Fail.
Chapter 9 Your Strategic Role in Onboarding AI.
Chapter 10 Mentoring the Machi.
Chapter 11 What Tomorrow May Bring.
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