English for Everyone, Business English, Course Book, Level 1, 2017

English for Everyone, Business English, Course Book, Level 1, 2017.

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Sumiko Akimoto, our Head of Customer Services, describes a typical day at work. “Every morning, even in the winter, I ride my bicycle to work. I arrive at work early and then walk through the departments to talk to the staff. It is important for me to know what is happening in the company so that I can share any useful information with clients. Next, I read my emails and use them to help me write a list of things to do during the day. I rarely do everything on the list, but it s useful to help me plan my day.

English for Everyone, Business English, Course Book, Level 1, 2017

About us.
Established in 1965, Guitar City makes guitars for some of the most famous musicians in the world. The award-winning Greek guitarist Giorgio Michalis always uses our guitars and believes that they are the best that he has ever played. "The sound of all my Guitar City guitars is amazing," he says.

Our guitars are mostly made from recycled aluminum and are much lighter than the usual, wooden ones. Pete Donnelly from our production department also says that these guitars are better for the environment. “We do not use any wooden materials from rainforests and we make all the main guitar body parts from recycled materials."

Guitar City guitars also look really great. They do not have the natural beauty of wood, but each guitar is hand painted by a top artist from our creative design team. With artists from Kenya. Poland, Mexico, and Laos, we have designs to suit everyone.

How the course works.
01 Meeting new colleagues.
02 Everyday work activities.
03 Vocabulary.
04 Business around the world.
05 Vocabulary Office equipment.
06 Asking questions at work.
07 Exchanging details.
08 Skills and experience.
09 Vocabulary.
10 Choosing a job.
11 Describing your workplace.
12 Vocabulary.
13 Personal qualities.
14 Describing your job.
15 Workplace routines.
16 Vocabulary.
17 Hobbies and habits.
18 Past events.
19 Dates and times.
20 Career history.
21 Company history.
22 Vocabulary.
23 Talking about your plans.
24 Giving opinions.
25 Agreeing and disagreeing.
26 Health and safety.
27 Suggestions and advice.
28 Giving a presentation.
30 Vocabulary.
31 Discussing issues.
32 Apologies and explanations.
33 Tasks and targets.
34 Dealing with complaints.
35 Vocabulary.
36 Making travel arrangements.
37 Asking for directions.
38 Describing your stay.
39 Vocabulary.
40 Conferences and visitors.
41 Dining and hospitality.
42 Informal phone calls.
43 Formal phone calls.
44 Writing a resume.
45 Making plans.
46 Vocabulary.
47 Emailing a client.

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