Complete English Grammar Rules, Herring P., 2016

Complete English Grammar Rules, Herring P., 2016.

   Grammar refers to the way words are used, classified, and structured together to form coherent written or spoken communication. This guide takes a traditional approach to teaching English grammar, breaking the topic into three fundamental elements: Parts of Speech, Inflection, and Syntax. Each of these is a discrete, individual part, but they are all intrinsically linked together in meaning.

Complete English Grammar Rules, Herring P., 2016

Dependent Clauses.
A dependent clause (also called a subordinate clause) is a clause that relies on the information from an independent clause to form a complete, logical thought. As such, it cannot stand on its own to form a sentence.

Dependent clauses are usually marked by dependent words, such as subordinating conjunctions, relative pronouns, or relative adverbs, which link them to independent clauses in a sentence.

For example:
• “Whenever I travel, I like to stay in fancy hotels.”
• “We struck up a great conversation with a person whom we met on the plane.’’
• “She found it strange that they like to eat sushi.”

In each of the examples above, the groups of words in bold are clauses, because they each have a subject (I, we, and they) and a predicate (travel, met on the plane, and like to eat sushi). However, we can also see that they are dependent clauses because of their dependent words — whenever, whom and that. Because of this, they cannot stand alone as a sentence; they depend on the information from the independent clauses (in italics) to be logically complete.

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Editor’s Note.
English Grammar.
Parts of Speech.
Common and Proper Nouns.
Nouns of Address.
Concrete and Abstract Nouns.
Countable Nouns.
Uncountable Nouns.
Collective Nouns.
Compound Nouns.
Nominalization (Creating Nouns).
Personal pronouns.
Personal Pronouns - Number.
Personal Pronouns - Person (First person, Second person, Third person).
Personal Pronouns - Gender.
Personal Pronouns - Case.
Personal Pronouns - Reflexive Pronouns.
Intensive Pronouns.
Indefinite Pronouns.
Demonstrative Pronouns.
Interrogative Pronouns.
Relative Pronouns.
Reciprocal Pronouns.
Dummy Pronouns.
Finite and Non-finite Verbs.
Transitive and Intransitive Verbs.
Regular and Irregular Verbs.
Auxiliary Verbs.
Primary Auxiliary Verbs.
Modal Auxiliary Verbs.
Modal Auxiliary Verbs - Will.
Modal Auxiliary Verbs - Would.
Modal Auxiliary Verbs - Shall.
Modal Auxiliary Verbs - Should.
Modal Auxiliary Verbs - Can.
Modal Auxiliary Verbs - Could.
Modal Auxiliary Verbs - May.
Modal Auxiliary Verbs - Might.
Modal Auxiliary Verbs - Must.
Substituting Modal Verbs.
Semi-Modal Auxiliary Verbs.
Action Verbs.
Stative Verbs.
Linking Verbs.
Light Verbs.
Phrasal Verbs.
Common Phrasal Verbs.
Conditional Verbs.
Causative Verbs.
Factitive Verbs.
Reflexive Verbs.
Attributive Adjectives.
Predicative Adjectives.
Proper Adjectives.
Collective Adjectives.
Demonstrative Adjectives.
Interrogative Adjectives.
Nominal Adjectives.
Compound Adjectives.
Order of Adjectives.
Degrees of Comparison.
Comparative Adjectives.
Superlative Adjectives.
Adverbs of Time.
Adverbs of Place.
Adverbs of Manner.
Adverbs of Degree.
Adverbs of Frequency.
Adverbs of Purpose.
Focusing Adverbs.
Negative Adverbs.
Conjunctive Adverbs.
Evaluative Adverbs.
Viewpoint Adverbs.
Relative Adverbs.
Adverbial Nouns.
Regular and Irregular Adverbs.
Degrees of Comparison.
Comparative Adverbs.
Superlative Adverbs.
Order of Adverbs.
Prepositional Phrases.
Categories of Prepositions.
Common Prepositional Errors.
Prepositions with Nouns.
Prepositions with Verbs.
Prepositions with Adjectives.
Prepositions in Idioms.
Idioms that Start with Prepositions.
Idioms that End with Prepositions.
Coordinating Conjunctions.
Correlative Conjunctions.
Subordinating Conjunctions.
Other parts of speech.
Possessive Determiners.
Gerunds as Objects of Verbs.
Inflection (Accidence).
Present Tense.
Subject Complements.
Object Complements.
Adjective Complements.
Adverbial Complements.
Noun Phrases.
Adjective Phrases.
Adverbial Phrases.
Participle Phrases.
Absolute Phrases.
Independent Clauses.
Dependent Clauses.
Noun Clauses.
Relative Clauses.
Adverbial Clauses.
Compound Sentences.
Complex Sentences.
Compound-Complex Sentences.
Declarative Sentences.
Interrogative Sentences.
Negative Interrogative Sentences.
Imperative Sentences.
Conditional Sentences.
Major and Minor Sentences (Regular and Irregular Sentences).
Quiz answers.

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