Top 50 Vocabulary Mistakes, Wallwork A., 2018

Top 50 Vocabulary Mistakes, Wallwork A., 2018.

   Easy English is a series of books to help you learn and revise your English with minimal effort.
This book is called The Top 50 Vocabulary Mistakes. In reality there are over 150 words dealt within the 50 sections of Part I of this book. Another 50 false friends are dealt with, in less detail, in Part III.

Top 50 Vocabulary Mistakes, Wallwork A., 2018

Some sentences are correct, others are not. Correct the incorrect sentences
1. My husband is never agree with me about anything.
2. Do you agree with her opinion?
3. I am not agree with you that everyone is equal.
4. Were you agree with what they said?
5. I didn’t agree that it was the right thing to do.
6. We were agreed to go.
7. Most people didn’t not agree contributing money to the cause.
8. Do you agree that we need to talk about it?
9. Did they agree what she said?
10. I hadn’t agreed to go but in the end they had forced me.

Part I Top 50 Vocabulary Mistakes.
1 According to.
2 Actual, Actually.
3 Advice, Advise.
4 Agree.
5 Among, Between, Of, From.
6 Appreciate.
7 As, Like.
8 Available, Comfortable, Convenient.
9 Beautiful, Good, Fine, Nice.
10 Because, Why.
11 Big, Great, Large.
12 Borrow, Lend, Loan.
13 Both, Either, Neither.
14 Bring, Take, Carry, Fetch, Get, Lead.
15 Camping, Campsite, Parking, Car Park.
16 Chance, Possibility, Occasion.
17 Close, Near, Next.
18 Clothes, Dress, Dresses, Get Dressed, Put on, Wear.
19 Come, Go.
20 Control, Check.
21 Cook, Cooker, Cooking, Kitchen, Dish, Course, Plate.
22 Do, Make.
23 Early, Soon, On Time, In Time.
24 Earn, Gain, Win, Beat, Deserve.
25 Economic, Economical, Economically, Financial.
26 Education, Background, Upbringing, (Good / Bad) Manners, Training.
27 Enjoy, Have A Good Time, Funny, Fun.
28 Enough, Quite, Pretty, Sufficient.
29 Even If, Even Though, Although.
30 Ever, Never, Always.
31 Expect, Wait (For).
32 Find, Find Out, Discover, Search, Look For.
33 Fit, Match, Suit, Go Well With.
34 Grow, Grow Up, Increase, Cultivate.
35 Happen, Occur, Take Place.
36 Home, House; Homework, Housework.
37 In the End, At the End, Eventually, Finally, At Last, Lastly, If Necessary.
38 Job, Work.
39 Know, Meet.
40 Last, Latest, Most Recent; Next, the Next.
41 Look At, See, Watch.
42 Look, Seem, Sound.
43 Lose, Lack, Miss, Waste.
44 Remember, Remind, Forget.
45 Rise, Arise, Raise.
46 Say, Tell.
47 Sorry, Excuse, Apologize.
48 Think, Think Of, Think About, Believe.
49 Travel, Trip, Way.
50 Understand, Catch, Figure Out, Realize.
Part II Revision Tests.
51 Revision Tests.
Part III False Friends.
52 False Friends.

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