IELTS, Listening, Actual Test with Answers, May-August, 2022

IELTS, Listening, Actual Test with Answers, May-August, 2022.

   As far as you know, IELTS candidates will have only 30 minutes (in PBT, extra 10 minutes for transferring the answers to the answer sheet) for the IELTS Listening test. There will be total of 40 questions. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that you invest time in practising the real IELTS Listening tests for this module.
The authors are convinced that you will find IELTS Listening Recent Actual Tests extremely helpful on your path to success with the International English Language Testing System.

IELTS, Listening, Actual Test with Answers, May-August, 2022

Which TWO problems do Sam and the tutor identify concerning group assignments?
A Personal relationships.
В Cultural differences.
С Division of labour.
D Group leadership.
E Group size.

According to the doctor, what is the evidence of a psychiatric problem?
A One think life is difficult
B One feels difficult in making friends
C One's daily life is disrupted.

What causes Martin's depression?
A Some worrying change in life
B Family history of depression
C Abuse of alcohol.

Tips and Tricks for different question types.
Signposting Language.
Practice Test 1.
Practice Test 2.
Practice Test 3.
Practice Test 4.
Practice Test 5.
Practice Test 6.
Practice Test 7.
Practice Test 8.
Practice Test 9.
Practice Test 10.
Practice Test 11.
Practice Test 12.
Answer Keys.

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