Practice Makes Perfect, Intermediate English Grammar for ESL Learners, Torres-Gouzerh R., 2019

Practice Makes Perfect, Intermediate English Grammar for ESL Learners, Torres-Gouzerh R., 2019.

   Grammar can be frustrating to master as you try to learn a language. This book was written to be easily accessible to students of English as a second language. Practice Makes Perfect: Intermediate English Grammar for ESL Learners is designed to help beginner- and intermediate-level learners hone their grammatical skills to the point where they are comfortable with English grammar. Technical terminology has been kept to a minimum, and simple terms are used wherever possible. As a result, you will be able to focus on learning new material.
You have already begun your study of English grammar. This book will provide you with a higher-level look at that grammar. The numerous examples provide models on which you can rely to form your own original sentences. The many practical exercises give you the opportunity to practice what you have learned. Be sure to use the answer key to check your work. And this second edition is supported by additional review questions in the McGraw-Hill Education Language Lab app.
As you progress through this book, you will find that your confidence in using English is growing, and by the time you finish the book, you will be one major step closer to being a fluent speaker and writer.

Practice Makes Perfect, Intermediate English Grammar for ESL Learners, Torres-Gouzerh R., 2019

The verb phrase.
It is impossible to compose a correct sentence without using a proper verb. The verb is at the very foundation of a sentence. The verb phrase may be composed of only one word or it may have related parts. Consider the following examples.

Angela had to go to Chicago.
The boys are fishing at the creek.
Someone should repair that window.

Sometimes, the related parts are composed of more than one word. In the examples above, the verbs are go, fish, and repair, and the related parts are had to, are, and should.

1 The sentence.
Noun phrases.
Verb phrases.
2 The verb phrase.
Auxiliary verbs.
3 The verb.
Linking verbs.
Irregular verbs.
4 The progressive tenses.
The present progressive.
The past progressive.
The future progressive.
5 The perfect tenses.
The present perfect.
The past perfect.
The future perfect.
6 Modal auxiliaries.
Shades of meaning.
Special auxiliaries.
7 The progressive forms of modal auxiliaries.
8 The auxiliary verb do.
Using do in questions.
Using do in negative sentences.
Appendix A: Irregular past tense and past participle forms.
Appendix B: Short tag questions and answers.
Answer key.
9 The passive voice.
Using the passive.
10 The passive form of modal auxiliaries.
The future tense.
The past tense.
11 The stative passive.
Adjectives and participles.
The progressive form vs. the stative passive.
12 Past participles with get.
13 Participial adjectives.
Present participles.
Past participles.
14 Subject-verb agreement.
Third-person singular and plural.
The verb be.
Expressions of quantity.
Collective nouns.
Auxiliary verbs.
Complex sentences.
15 Agreement with nouns.
Personal pronouns and collective nouns.
Indefinite pronouns.
Complex nouns.
16 Using other.
17 Gerunds.
Distinguishing gerunds from present participles.
The possessive.
18 Conjunctions.
Coordinating conjunctions.
Conjunctions and their meaning.
Correlative conjunctions.
Subordinating conjunctions 1.
Adverbs that act as conjuncti.
19 Prepositions.
Compound prepositions.
Noun and pronoun objects.
More than one prepositional phrase.
20 Adjectives and adverbs.
21 Filler subjects and impersonal subjects.
Filler subjects.
Impersonal subjects.
22 Clauses.
Independent clauses.
Dependent clauses.
Relative clauses.
23 Punctuation.
The period.
The comma.
The semicolon.
The colon.
The question mark.
The exclamation point.
The apostrophe.
Quotation marks.
The hyphen and the dash.
Parentheses and brackets.
24 Capitalization, numbers, and italics.
appendix Review exercises.
Answer key.

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