Fun Skills, Teacher s Book 5, Bilsborough K., 2020

Fun Skills, Teacher's Book 5, Bilsborough K., 2020.

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Today was really exciting! In the morning, we texted some questions to the astronauts in the space station. It was amazing when they sent back some answers. We learned a lot about what it is like in the space station. I was surprised because astronauts don’t have any free time at all. I’m not sure I’d like that.

Fun Skills, Teacher's Book 5, Bilsborough K., 2020

Discoverinq space.
Brainstorm words related to space and space travel with learners and write their suggestions on the board. Ask questions to help, e.g. Who travels in space? What do they wear? How do they travel? Where do they go? Encourage all learners to make suggestions. Make sure you review / pre-teach astronaut, helmet, space boots, spacesuit, spaceship.

Ask learners to stand up, listen and mime. Say You are not here in this classroom. You are in space! Close your eyes. You’re an astronaut You’re putting on your spacesuit. Next your space boots. First your left foot, then your right foot Now put your helmet over your head. Are you ready? Open the spaceship door. Go outside. You are in space now! Isn’t space great? Ask Do your feet touch the ground or are you in the air? Do you feel heavy or light?

1 About me.
2 At school.
3 Special days, special times!.
4 Earth-friendly, planet-clever.
5 Animals at home.
6 Winter sports, summer sports!.
7 Guessing, tasting, smelling, helping.
8 Dangerous and interesting.
9 Around town.
10 Wonderful world.
11 Going places.
12 Discovering space.
Glossary of teaching strategies.
Review answer keys and audioscripts.
Grammar fun! answer keys.

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