Subjects and Verbs, Mastering English Grammar, Moeller D., 2021

Subjects and Verbs, Mastering English Grammar, Moeller D., 2021.   

Welcome to Book 4: Subjects and Verbs, a book that teaches the importance of subjects and verbs, the foundational building blocks on which sentences are constructed.

Subjects and Verbs, Mastering English Grammar, Moeller D., 2021

Note: This being an e-book, the Your Turn exercises are intended to be done mentally. Answers to the Your Turn exercises follow the exercises. For each of the following, identify where the subject ends and the predicate begins. In other words, where would you place a slash?

General Introduction: Mastering English Grammar.
Introduction to Book 4: Subjects and Verbs.
Lesson 1.Subjects and Predicates.
Lesson 2.Sentences Contain Subjects and Verbs.
Lesson 3.Complete Subjects Vs. Simple Subjects.
Lesson 4.Eliminating Prepositional Phrases.
Lesson 5.Eliminating Relative Clauses.
Lesson 6.Verbs Vs. Predicates.
Lesson 7.Main Verbs and Helping Verbs.
Lesson 8.Subjects and Verbs: The Foundations of Sentences.
Lesson 9.Active Vs. Passive Verbs.
Lesson 10.Compound Subjects and Compound Verbs.
Lesson 11.Verbs Before Subjects.
Lesson 12.Subjects and Verbs in Commands and Questions.
Lesson 13.Mixed Practice.
Lesson 14.Subject-Verb Agreement, Part 1.
Lesson 15.Subject-Verb Agreement, Part 2.
Lesson 16.Sentence Fragments.
Lesson 17.Run-On Sentences.
Lesson 18.Exception #1—Intentional Fragments.
Lesson 19.Exception #2—Sentences in a Series.
Subjects and Verbs Glossary of Terms.
Test Questions.
Test Part 1.
Test Part 2.
Test Part 3.
Test Part 4.
Test Part 5.
Test Part 6.
Test Part 7.
Test Part 8.
Titles in the Mastering English Grammar Series.

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