Practice Makes Perfect, English Conversation, Yates J., 2020

Practice Makes Perfect, English Conversation, Yates J., 2020.

   Practice Makes Perfect: English Conversation is designed to give you practice with the vocabulary and structures that are most often used in common types of informal conversations. The book consists of fourteen chapters, each one devoted to a particular conversational function. Each chapter begins with a typical conversation followed by a discussion of vocabulary and structures that are particularly important for the type of conversation being addressed. Certain expressions are repeated in other chapters so that you will become more familiar with them as they occur in different contexts. Following the discussion section are several sets of exercises to help you feel confident that you understand the material. The exercises also give you practice in using new vocabulary and structures so that you will be able to include them in your personal conversations.

Practice Makes Perfect, English Conversation, Yates J., 2020

To show up on someone’s doorstep.
To show up on someone’s doorstep means to visit someone without notice. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you plan to stay overnight—or longer—but it’s possible.
I was just getting ready to go out when my cousin showed up on my doorstep.

Related expressions are drop in and drop by, but these are used only for short visits—never an overnight stay.
We were in town, so we decided to drop in to see you.
Please drop by for a while. I miss seeing you.

To show up, on the other hand, is used negatively to indicate that someone often doesn’t appear when expected.
Pia said she was coming, but you never know if she’ll show up or not.

1 Introducing yourself and others.
2 Expressing opinions, likes, and dislikes.
3 Describing people, places, and things.
4 Striking up a conversation.
5 Making dates and appointments.
6 Expressing wants and needs.
7 Making requests and offers.
8 Expressing doubts and uncertainty.
9 Talking about future events.
10 Making a case or arguing a point.
11 Narrating a story.
12 Retelling a conversation.
13 Talking about controversial issues.
14 Electronic conversation.
Appendix A: Irregular past tense and past participle forms.
Appendix B: Short tag questions and answers.
Appendix C: Glossary.
Answer key.

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