Gateway Edition, Students book, B1, Spenser D., 2016

Gateway Edition, Students book, B1, Spenser D., 2016.

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Gateway Edition, Students book, B1, Spenser D., 2016

Imagine you have applied for a job. Would you be happy for your future employer to look at your social networking profile? Mo? Well, be careful when you post online.

The things we say and show are public and usually remain online for a long time. So when we apply to university or for a job, it is usually very easy for the university or company to find out lots of information about us from our activity on social media. In some cases, this can be a positive thing. But in others it may go against us. It all depends on how we look after our online identity or profile.

Family life.
Who did it?.
Universal language.
Health watch.
TV addicts.
Planet Earth.
Job hunting.
Best friends forever.
Log on.

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