Oxford Discover 1, Grammar, Casey H., 2019

Oxford Discover 1, Grammar, Casey H., 2019.

   Oxford Discover uses 'Big Questions' to top into children's natural curiosity, enabling them to ask their own questions, find their own answers, and explore the world around them.
The 2nd edition builds on Oxford Discover's tried and tested methodology, developing 21 Century Skills in critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity, to prepare students for success at primary school and beyond.
Oxford Discover Grammar teaches grammar through 'guided discovery', providing activities that allow students to build their own knowledge of grammar forms and usage. Use alongside Oxford Discover 2nd edition to increase your students' confidence and accuracy in this area.

Oxford Discover 1, Grammar, Casey H., 2019

Having Fun at the Parade.
Listen and read.
Dear Diary, It's bed time, but I'm not sleeping. It's a holiday in my town, and I'm waiting for the big parade! I'm in our apartment. I'm sitting next to the window, and I can see the street. Lots of people are on the street. They aren't working. They are having fun.

A woman is selling pancakes and candy. They smell good! Many people are buying them.

What Do You Know?.
1 A Group I Belong To.
2 Family and Friends.
Module 1 Review.
3 Colors in Nature.
4 Under the Ocean.
Module 2 Review.
5 In the Country.
6 Who's This?.
Module 3 Review.
7 A Year in the Wild.
8 A Year on the Farm.
Module 4 Review.
9 My Collection.
10 At the Market.
Module 5 Review.
11 Wants and Needs.
12 In the Arctic.
Module 6 Review.
13 Special Homes.
14 Home Sweet Home.
Module 7 Review.
15 Having Fun at the Parade.
16 The Homemade Orchestra.
Module 8 Review.
17 Robots.
18 In the Garden.
Module 9 Review.
Grammar Reference.

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