Speakout, Intermediate, Vocabulary extra, With key, 2016

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Speakout, Intermediate, Vocabulary extra, With key, 2016.

Фрагмент из книги.
Underline the correct alternatives.
1 You can’t buy any food. The snack machine’s out of memory/order.
2 You need to print/save your plane ticket, so you have a paper copy.
3 My phone’s run out of battery. It needs fixing/recharging.
4 The computer’s crashed/broken down again. I guess I should restart it.
5 My games console’s broken. It needs fixing/switching off.

Speakout, Intermediate, Vocabulary extra, With key, 2016

Put the words in brackets in the correct order to complete the sentences. Then tick the statements you agree with.
1 (next years thirty the in) humans will be able to communicate with whales and dolphins.
2 (the in term long) most humans will be living on a di erent planet.
3 (in future the near) planes will fl y themselves.
4 (year or only in two a) most households will own a robot.
5 (the in term short) wind-generated power will become more important.
6 (ten twenty in perhaps to time years’) your brain will be connected to the internet.

Underline the correct alternatives.
1 I have to face/eye it! This haircut is awful!
2 I regularly give money to a charity close to my heart/mind.
3 Hurry up! We’re heading/running out of time before the shops close.
4 Afi a always hits the nail on the heart/head and says exactly the right thing.
5 If we don’t fi nish our assignment in time, we’ll be in cool/hot water.
6 I always put my mouth/foot in it and say the wrong thing.
7 I’ve got to fi nish this report by 3p.m. I’m really working with/against the clock.
8 Can you keep a(n) eye/face on my little brother while I go to the shop?
9 Hanging up this washing will take forever. Can you give me a hand/mind?
10 Opera isn’t really my cup of tea/coffee.
11 That test was a piece of cake/pie. I fi nished really early.
12 I never knew you could water ski. You’re a dark horse/sheep!

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