Speakout, Intermediate, Reading & listenin extra, With key, 2016

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Speakout, Intermediate, Reading & listenin extra, With key, 2016.

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Finally, after years of waiting, fans are in for a real treat when they watch this fi lm. Without wanting to give too much away, I can say that Luke Skywalker has gone missing and the baddies are in control of the galaxy. For those who saw the previous fi lms, there are lots of familiar faces and there are a few new ones, too. Overall , this is a great fi lm with some fantastic special e ects and spectacular scenes that will impress, especially if you get to see it in 3D.

Speakout, Intermediate, Reading & listenin extra, With key, 2016

Memories and music on a desert island.
BBC radio started broadcasting in 1927 and some of the programmes it broadcasts today are almost as old. One programme that has a long history is Desert Island Discs. For over 70 years, people from all parts of society and the world have been invited to go on the programme to talk about some of the special or interesting things that have happened to them and choose eight pieces of music that hold a special memory or meaning for them.

The people who have been on Desert Island Discs range from actors and musicians to scientists and politicians. Some people are less in the public eye but have made great contributions to society, such as pioneering surgeons and scientists. It can be interesting and surprising to hear about the fascinating lives of these less-well-known guests.

So what kind of music do people choose as their favourite tracks? The music is often classical but there are also a lot of modern songs, too. The author J. K. Rowling chose a mixture of music that ranged from the Beatles to Beethoven. In-between each track, she talked about her life, telling listeners about her time as a schoolgirl, and the train trip that inspired the Hogwarts Express and Harry Potter, her most famous creation. Princess Margaret, the sister of the British Queen, Elizabeth II, chose military music and also a rock song among her tracks.

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