Speakout, Intermediate, BBC Interviews extra, Worksheets, 2015

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Speakout, Intermediate, BBC Interviews extra, Worksheets, 2015.

Фрагмент из книги.
Hello. My name is Pasha. I work in/ for the BBC and I do a lot of DJing in my free/spare time. Originally, I come/am from Moscow, but most of my family live/lives in New York now. Today I’m speaking/talking to people about their families/relatives. Tell me about your family.

Speakout, Intermediate, BBC Interviews extra, Worksheets, 2015

Find the words in italics in Exercise 6 and match them to the defi nitions.
1 show a small amount of
2 designed to attract your attention
3 a person who buys products and services and says what is bad or wrong about them
4 preferring one thing rather than another in an unfair way
5 happen in a certain way that you o en don’t expect
6 wanting what is best for you, not for others.

Write your answers to the questions.
1 How do you fi nd out what’s happening in the world?
2 Do you always believe what you see or read in the news? Why/Why not?
3 Do you agree with what the people in the podcasts say about telling lies?
4 Have you ever told a lie that you feel bad about?

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