Speakout extra, Upper Intermediate, Grammar, With key, 2015

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Speakout extra, Upper Intermediate, Grammar, With key, 2015.

Фрагмент из книги.
My all time favourite dish is the Italian dessert, tiramisu. My mum’s from Milan and she used to make/is used to make/used to making it for special occasions such as birthdays. She was used to get/use to getting/was used to getting a lot of compliments from family and friends about her tiramisu. So now I cook it and I explain/’m going to explain/tell how to make it.

Speakout extra, Upper Intermediate, Grammar, With key, 2015

Relative clauses.
Find and correct the mistakes. There is a mistake in seven of the sentences.
1 Have you met the man he lives in the house opposite?
2 My friend Diana that she speaks Portuguese and Italian is a translator.
3 What’s the name of the place what you stayed in Portugal?
4 Are these the glasses who you were looking for?
5 I’ll never forget the fi rst time we met them.
6 Who’s eaten the ice cream was in the freezer?
7 The team with who he works are ridiculously competitive.
8 They want to live in a place which the sun shines every day.

Delete one or two incorrect pronouns in each sentence. Add commas where necessary.
1 They’re going to spend a few weeks in Spain, where/ that / which his parents live.
2 Their fl ight was cancelled which/that/who meant waiting another fi ve hours.
3 We stopped to help a woman who/whose/that car had broken down.
4 I’ve just read a book which/whose/that was recommended to me by a fan of the author.
5 They invited us to have dinner at their home which/what/where was very generous of them.
6 The new shopping centre that/where/which will have 500 shops will be ready in two years.
7 The hotel that/which/where we’re staying in at the moment is extremely noisy.

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