Speakout, Intermediate, Writing extra, With key, 2016

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Speakout, Intermediate, Writing extra, With key, 2016.

Фрагмент из книги.
When you write an email to introduce yourself, it can be formal or informal. It all depends on who you are writing to. Formal emails have longer sentences, do not contain contractions, and use non-colloquial language. Informal emails have shorter sentences, use contractions and contain colloquial language.

Speakout, Intermediate, Writing extra, With key, 2016

News reports.
Before you write a news report, it’s a good idea to ask yourself questions beginning with why, what, where, how and when. This will help you to give all the key information to the reader. It is also a good idea to use time linkers such as while, during, until, as soon as, by the time to clarify the sequence of events.

Now read the news report. Does it answer all your questions?
A five-year-old boy has own to London, alone and without a passport, because he wanted to see the Olympic Games.

Dawayne Shalamar crossed the Atlantic on a ight to Heathrow without a ticket, passport or a seat on the plane. He had previously passed through strict security at JFK International Airport in New York before boarding the AB Airlines ight to London.

“We really don’t know how this happened,” said a spokesperson for AB Airlines. “He queued with everyone else to get on the ight but somehow we didn’t ask to see his boarding card or passport.”

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