Now I Know 3, Teachers Book, Zgouras C., 2019

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Now I Know 3, Teachers Book, Zgouras C., 2019.

   Today’s learners require materials that will help them develop the skills they need to survive and succeed in a rapidly changing world. They need to be challenged and inspired by their learning, and to learn how to work with their peers using the modern technologies they are familiar with and enjoy. Now I Know! helps develop not just English language skills, but all those skills modern learners need to become fully rounded citizens of the global community. The key skills focused on in Now I Know! are collaboration, communication, creativity,
and critical thinking.

Now I Know 3, Teachers Book, Zgouras C., 2019

English Benchmark.
English Benchmark is the engaging test for young learners, delivered entirely on a tablet Developed by experts, English Benchmark uses sophisticated artificial intelligence to automatically score students’ abilities in listening, reading, speaking, and writing. After administering the test, teachers get a report for each student and their whole class detailing where students did well and recommendations for where they can improve. The recommendations provide references to activities in Now I Know! that can help students develop further. Teachers can also generate reports for parents containing similar, but simplified, information. The linking is done by identifying where GSE Learning objectives that have been selected as supporting the recommendations can be found within the course.

How do we find our way?
How do we know about the past?
Whydowego on vacation?
Why do we tell stories?
Why take care of the environment?
Why do we use numbers every day?
What do we do for entertainment?
Why is space interesting?
How are homes different?
How do we take care of our body?
Why is Antarctica special?
Why do we have festivals?

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