Next Move 1, Teachers Book, Foster T.J., 2013

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Next Move 1, Teachers Book, Foster T.J., 2013.

   Welcome to Next Move! This four-level course allows students to use twenty-first century skills to expand their knowledge across the curriculum and positions the learning of English within a framework of culture and citizenship. It provides students and their teachers with a range of dynamic, new digital and print materials for use in class and at home. The rich combination of online, offline and digital content creates an environment that is fun, fast-moving and familiar for students who are digital natives. And for their less digitally native teachers, or digital tourists, it provides a user-friendly tool which enhances the teaching experience.

Next Move 1, Teachers Book, Foster T.J., 2013

My World.
The Simpsons is an animated comedy series, first broadcast in 1989, featuring the adventures of a distinctive yellow family in a fictional American town. It has been a global success and nearly 500 episodes have been broadcast. The franchise includes video games, comics, merchandising of all types and even a ride at Universal Studios.

Lionel ‘Leo’ Messi (Argentina, born 1987) is considered one of the best football players of his generation. He has played for Argentina in the FIFA World Cup. The colour of the Argentinian national team is blue, hence Emilio’s father’s blue laptop, mobile phone and car.

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