IELTS Academic Essays, Academic Writing, Task 2, Makkar K.K., 2020

IELTS Academic Essays, Academic Writing, Task 2, Makkar K.K., 2020.

   This book is meant to help the average student crack the IELTS essay. Over 13 years of my IELTS coaching experience has taught me a lot about what all would help the students do better in the writing module of the IELTS. Over the years, I have seen fairly good students getting 7+ in the other modules of the IELTS, fall to less than 6 bands in the writing module, but 1 have also seen those with less than 6 in the other modules, get a 6 in writing. Over the years, I have coached thousands of students, checked their writings almost every day, and so I somehow know what precisely they have written in their exam. From their writing band scores, I have made important deductions as to what works, and what docs not work in an IELTS essay.

IELTS Academic Essays, Academic Writing, Task 2, Makkar K.K., 2020

Animals are in danger of extinction. Some people say that we should protect only those animals, which are useful to humans. Do you agree or disagree?
Animal extinction has become a matter of great concern. I disagree with the given statement that we should conserve only those animals, which are beneficial to humans. I believe that all animals have direct or Indirect effect on mankind. It has been rightly said that plans to protect wildlife are in fact plans to protect man.

The most important reason for saving all animals is that they are part of our ecosystem. Every species of wildlife plays a role to maintain the balance of life on Earth. Thus, the loss of any species can affect us directly or indirectly. For example, there are many bat species that are becoming extinct. Such bats help keep the insect population in control. If these bats die then the insects will Increase a lot and destroy our crops. So, we will have nothing to eat. In addition, many animals, like rodents, help In the dispersal of plant seeds and in the pollination of plants. By protecting endangered animals we ensure not only their survival but also the biodiversity that is necessary for the ecological health of the planet.

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