Oxford Discover 2, Workbook, Koustaff L., Rivers S., 2019

Oxford Discover 2, Workbook, Koustaff L., Rivers S., 2019.

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I usually use colored pencils in my drawings. I use markers for posters. I use scissors and glue when I make a collage. I hardly ever use chalk or watercolors.

Oxford Discover 2, Workbook, Koustaff L., Rivers S., 2019

Drawing a Dinosaur.
It’s fun to draw things with shapes. Read the text and draw a dinosaur using shapes.

Let’s start.
Draw a small oval for the head. Then draw a big oval for the body. Draw two straight lines from the head to the body. Draw three triangles on top of the small oval. Draw two small circles inside the head for the eyes.

Then draw two very small circles next to each other under the eyes. This is the nose.

Draw a few small triangles on top of the body. Color all the triangles black. Draw two rectangles under the body, one on the right side and one on the left side. Draw half a crescent in the middle of the big circle for the tail. Leave one end of the crescent open. Now color your dinosaur, and give it a name.

1 How are animals different from one another?.
Unit 1.
Unit 2.
2 How do things change?.
Unit 3.
Unit 4.
3 How are things different now from long ago?.
Unit 5.
Unit 6.
4 When do we use subtraction?.
Unit 7.
Unit 8.
5 How do people get along with each other?.
Unit 9.
Unit 10.
6 Why should we take care of the Earth?.
Unit 11.
Unit 12.
7 How does music make us feel?.
Unit 13.
Unit 14.
8 What makes things move?.
Unit 15.
Unit 16.
9 How do we make art?.
Unit 17.
Unit 18.
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