English for Everyone, Course Book, Advanced, Level 4, 2016

English for Everyone, Course Book, Advanced, Level 4, 2016.

   English for Everyone is designed for people who want to teach themselves the English language. Like all language courses, it covers the core skills: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Unlike in other courses, the skills are taught and practiced as visually as possible, using images and graphics to help you understand and remember. The best way to learn is to work through the book in order, making full use of the audio available on the website and app. Turn to the practice book at the end of each unit to reinforce your learning with additional exercises.

English for Everyone, Course Book, Advanced, Level 4, 2016

My year off turned into a career.
When I was a teenager, I decided to take a gap year before going to university. I had already done loads of research online and decided to go to a Greek island to pick olives. I had calculated that I could earn enough money to travel cheaply to Asia. Although the people were wonderful, by the end of the olive harvest I felt I was a bit cut off on such a small island, so I bought a plane ticket and set off to Malaysia.

While I was in Malaysia, I decided to become an English teacher. I knew right away that teaching was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. A short while later, I graduated with a degree in teaching. After just 10 years, I opened my very first English-language school.

How the course works.
Making conversation.
Action and state verbs.
Using collocations.
Complex descriptions.
Making general statements.
Phrasal verbs.
Narrative tenses.
Giving advice and opinions.
Making predictions.
Using discourse markers.
Past habits and states.
Comparing and contrasting.
Comparing and contrasting.
Two comparatives together.
Taking notes.
Speaking approximately.
Changing emphasis.
Things that might happen.
Job applications.
Asking polite questions.
Complex verb patterns.
Double object verbs.
Reflexive pronouns.
Meeting and planning.
Qualifying descriptions.
Expressing purpose.
Conditional tenses.
Past regrets.
Actions and consequences.
Few or little?.
Past possibility.
Speculation and deduction.
Mixed conditionals.
Adding "-ever" to question words.
Reporting with passives.
Making indirect statements.
Adding emphasis.
Shifting focus.
Relative clauses.
More relative clauses.
Modal verbs in the future.
Talking about groups.
Old and new situations.
Abstract ideas.
Future hopes.
The future continuous.
The future perfect.
Leaving words out.
Substituting words.
Shortening infinitives.
Expressing reactions.
Getting things done.
Complex agreement.
Using articles to generalize.

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