English for Everyone, English Grammar Guide, Practice Book, Booth T., 2019

English for Everyone, English Grammar Guide, Practice Book, Booth T., 2019.

   This practice book is a companion to the English for Everyone: English Grammar Guide. Each unit in the book tests the language taught in the English Grammar Guide unit with the same number.

English for Everyone, English Grammar Guide, Practice Book, Booth T., 2019

The past simple negative.
The past simple negative is used to talk about things that did not happen in the past. It is always formed the same way, unless the main verb is “be.”

1 There wasn't / weren't enough sandwiches for everyone.
2 I not did / did not finish mowing the lawn because I was tired.
3 The book wasn't / weren't interesting, so I watched TV instead.
4 Joe didn't make / didn't made enough potatoes for everyone.
5 The students not understood / didn't understand the teacher.
6 There wasn't / weren't many people at the concert last night.
7 It wasn't / weren't very warm outside, so we stayed at home.
8 My brother didn't enjoy / didn't enjoyed the movie very much.

The present simple.
The present simple negative.
Present simple questions.
The present continuous.
Present tenses overview.
The past simple.
The past simple negative.
Past simple questions.
The past continuous.
The present perfect simple.
The present perfect continuous.
The past perfect simple.
The past perfect continuous.
"Used to" and "would".
Past tenses review.
The future with "going to".
The future with "will".
The present for future events.
The future continuous.
The future perfect.
The future in the past.
Future review.
The passive.
The passive in the past.
The passive in the future.
The passive with modals.
Other passive constructions.
Conditional sentences.
Other conditional sentences.
Conditional sentences review.
Future possibilities.
Wishes and regrets.
Forming questions.
Question words.
Open questions.
Object and subject questions.
Indirect questions.
Question tags.
Short questions.
Short answers.
Questions review.
Reported speech.
Tenses in reported speech.
Reporting verbs.
Reported speech with negatives.
Reported questions.
Reported speech review.
Types of verbs.
Action and state verbs.
Infinitives and participles.
Verb patterns.
Verb patterns with objects.
Verb patterns with prepositions.
Phrasal verbs.
Modal verbs Ability.
Permission, requests, and offers.
Suggestions and advice.
Making deductions.
Articles review.
"This / that / these / those".
"No / none".
"Each / every".
"Either / neither / both".
Singular and plural nouns.
Countable and uncountable noun.
Subject-verb agreement.
Abstract and concrete nouns.
Compound nouns.
Approximate quantity.
Personal pronouns.
Reflexive pronouns.
Indefinite pronouns.
Defining relative clauses.
Non-defining relative clauses.
Other relative structures Question words with "-ever".
Introductory "it".
Shifting focus.
Shortening infinitives.
Gradable and non-gradable adjectives.
Comparative adjectives.
Two comparatives together.
"As. as" comparisons.
Superlative adjectives.
Adverbs of manner.
Comparative and superlative adverbs.
Adverbs of degree.
Adverbs of time.
Adverbs of frequency.
"So" and "such".
"Enough" and "too".
Prepositions of place.
Prepositions of time.
Other prepositions.
Dependent prepositions.
Coordinating conjunctions.
Subordinating conjunctions.
More linking words.
Linking words review.
Easily confused phrases.
Sequencing and organizing.
Correcting and changing the subject.
Deciding and hedging.
Making conversation.

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