Essential Grammar in Use, Murphy R., 2015

Essential Grammar in Use, Murphy R., 2015.

   This is a grammar book for elementary students of English. There are 115 units in the book and each unit is about a different point of English grammar. There is a list of units at the beginning of the book (Contents).
The book is for elementary learners, i.e. learners with very little English, but not for complete beginners. It is intended mainly for elementary students who are beyond the early stages of a beginners' course. It could also be used by low-intermediate learners whose grammar is weaker than other aspects of their English or who have problems with particular areas of basic grammar.

Essential Grammar in Use, Murphy R., 2015

Now Robert is at work.
At midnight last night
he wasn't at work.
He was in bed.
He was asleep.

am/is (present) —> was (past):
I am tired, (now) I was tired last night
Where is Kate? (now) Where was Kate yesterday?
The weather is good today. The weather was good last week.

To the student.
To the teacher.
Present perfect.
Verb forms.
Modals, imperative etc.
There and it.
Auxiliary verbs.
Reported speech.
-mg and to.
Co, get, do, make and have.
Pronouns and possessives.
A and the.
Determiners and pronouns.
Adjectives and adverbs.
Word order.
Conjunctions and clauses.
Phrasal verbs.
Appendix 1 Active and passive.
Appendix 2 List of irregular verbs.
Appendix 3 Irregular verbs in groups.
Appendix 4 Short forms (he's / I'd / don't etc).
Appendix 5 Spelling.
Appendix 6 Phrasal verbs (take off / give up etc).
Appendix 7 Phrasal verbs + object (put out a fire / give up your job etc).
Additional exercises.
Study guide.
Key to Exercises.
Key to Additional exercises.
Key to Study guide.

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