English Collocations In Use, Intermediate, McCarthy M., ODell F., 2017

English Collocations In Use, Intermediate, McCarthy M., ODell F., 2017.

   The collocations presented in this book were mainly selected from those identified as significant by the Cambridge International Corpus of written and spoken English (now known as the Cambridge English Corpus) and also the CANCODE corpus of spoken English, developed at the University of Nottingham in association with Cambridge University Press. The Cambridge English Corpus is a vast database of real English taken from a range of sources, such as books, newspapers, advertising, letters and emails, websites, conversations and speeches, radio and television. By studying this corpus we obtained a representative picture of how English is really used and which words naturally and frequently go together. We also made much use of the Cambridge Learner Corpus, a corpus of learner English made up of exam scripts from students taking Cambridge English examinations all over the world. This particular corpus showed us what kind of collocation errors learners tend to make.

English Collocations In Use, Intermediate, McCarthy M., ODell F., 2017

What is a collocation?
A collocation is a pair or group of words that are often used together. These combinations sound natural to native speakers, but students of English have to make a special effort to learn them because they are often difficult to guess. Some combinations just sound ‘wrong’ to native speakers of English. For example, the adjective fast collocates with cars, but not with a glance.

Learning collocations is an important part of learning the vocabulary of a language. Some collocations are fixed, or very strong, for example take a photo, where no word other than take collocates with photo to give the same meaning. Some collocations are more open, where several different words may be used to give a similar meaning, for example keep to / stick to the rules. Here are some more examples of collocations.

Using this book.
Learning about collocations.
Grammatical aspects of collocations.
Special aspects of collocation.
Topics: Travel and the environment.
Topics: People and relationships.
Topics: Leisure and lifestyle.
Topics: Work and study.
Topics: Society and institutions.
Basic concepts.

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