Old nubian dictionary, Browne G.M., 1996

Old nubian dictionary, Browne G.M., 1996.

   I originally assembled the material in this volume for my own use, as an aid to the restoration of damaged texts. Living for years as slips of paper in several shoeboxes, it assumed its present form in the academic year 1994/5 thanks to two grants from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. These grants, the first from the Research Board of the Graduate College, the second from the Center for Advanced Study, released me from teaching and provided the impetus to construct the present work. I am most grateful to the University for its support.

Old nubian dictionary, Browne G.M., 1996

In marshalling the evidence for the Dictionary, I have allowed the texts to speak for themselves, with a minimum of theoretical constraint and bias. Whenever they are available, I have given the Greek Vorlage and any parallel Coptic version, and I have also added cognates from the modem Nubian dialects.

I have appended three indexes, the first giving the English correspondences with Old Nubian, as presented in the Dictionary, the second and third doing the same for Greek and Coptic, respectively. Lists of names of diverse categories complete the work.

Since this volume deals with Old Nubian, I have excluded the various Greek passages scattered throughout the corpus, but loan words, which have been accommodated to the structure of Old Nubian, I have included.

Bibliography and Abbreviations.
Old Nubian Dictionary.
English-Old Nubian Index.
Greek-Old Nubian Index.
Coptic-Old Nubian Index.
List of Personal Names.
List of Place Names.
List of Church Names.
List of Month Names.

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