Old nubian dictionary, Appendices, Browne G.M., 1997

Old nubian dictionary, Appendices, Browne G.M., 1997.

   This volume contains three appendices to my Old Nubian Dictionary (CSCO 556; Subs. 90; 1996). The first examines the emphatic particles -λo/-λw, -cn and -co/-cw; for each a catalogue of examples is followed by a commentary describing the patterns of usage. The second appendix, designed to facilitate the editing of damaged texts, is a reverse index of all the lexemes—including names—found in the Dictionary. The third provides addenda et corrigenda to Mokhtar M. Khalil’s recently published Wérterbuch der nubischen Sprache (Fadidja/Mahas-Dialekt) and supplements the cognates cited in the Dictionary.

Old nubian dictionary, Appendices, Browne G.M., 1997

-λo/-λw: Catalogue.
In Old Nubian, -λο (also spelled -λw) has two main functions:
1) it serves as a locative/allative/ablative/instrumental marker, and 2) it is an indicator of focus. The first of these usages I document in my Old Nubian Dictionary 104-106; to the second I devote the following treatment.

In order to express a complete predication, Old Nubian regularly juxtaposes a subject (which, if a noun, is marked with -λ) and a predicate (marked with -a); the latter may be either a noun (1) or a verb — either indicative (2) or predicative (3).

Supplemental Bibliography.
I. The Old Nubian Emphatic Particles.
1. -λo/-λw: Catalogue.
2. -cn: Catalogue.
3. -co/-cw: Catalogue.
4. List of Examples.
II. A Reverse Index of Old Nubian.
Reverse Index of Names.
III. Marginalia to the Wérterbuch der nubischen Sprache.

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