Thai, Picture dictionary, Rattanakhemakorn J., 2020

Thai, Picture dictionary, Rattanakhemakorn J., 2020.

   This illustrated dictionary presents the 1,500 Thai words and expressions that students need to know to speak and understand the language. The handy format and highly visual presentation make it easy to learn and remember the words.
The vocabulary is organized into 38 themes or topics.
Each section presents 25-35 words and 3-8 sentences demonstrating their correct usage. Every word and sentence appears in Thai along with their transliteration and English meaning.
Richly illustrated with over 600 color photographs, this useful Thai language tool includes a brief introduction to Thai language as well as an English-Thai index for quick reference. The free online audio contains recordings of native Thai speakers reading all the vocabulary and sentences, so students can learn correct pronunciation!

Thai, Picture dictionary, Rattanakhemakorn J., 2020

Names and Titles.
Nicknames are very commonly used in Thailand. Thais often tell you their nickname instead of their first name. First given names are mainly used for very formal situations and written communications only.

In order to address a person you don’t know well and meet for the first time, the title Khun should always be used before the given name in the same way that we would use Mr, Mrs, or Ms and for men or women, married or single. Family names are rarely used, only first names preceded by khun. For example, Kanva (given name) + Rakdee (family name) becomes Khun Kanya in speech and correspondence. If you don’t know their names, you can simply address someone as Khun.

A Basic Introduction to Thai.
1 So nice to meet you!.
2 My family.
3 My house.
4 The human body.
5 Counting and numbers.
6 Daily activities.
7 Colors, shapes and sizes.
8 Opposites.
9 Talking about money.
10 Going shopping.
11 Life in the city.
12 Getting around.
13 Asking and giving directions.
14 Talking about the weather.
15 Tellingtime.
16 Years and dates.
17 The seasons of the year.
18 Celebrating the holidays.
19 I love to learn.
20 At school.
21 Learning Thai.
22 Counting Words.
23 Computers and the Internet.
24 I love my smartphone!.
25 At work.
26 Music and dance.
27 Seeing a doctor.
28 Protecting our environment.
29 The animal kingdom.
30 Let’s keep fit!.
31 Do you like to travel?.
32 Countries of the world.
33 Foreign languages.
34 Do you like Thai food?.
35 Popular Western food.
36 Drinks.
37 Fresh fruits, nuts and grain.
38 At the market.
English-Thai Index.
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