English Grammar, The Basics, McCarthy M., 2021

English Grammar, The Basics, McCarthy M., 2021.   

The Basics is a highly successful series of accessible guidebooks which provide an overview of the fundamental principles of a subject area in a jargon-free and undaunting format. Intended for students approaching a subject for the first time, the books both introduce the essentials of a subject and provide an ideal springboard for further study. With over 50 titles spanning subjects from artificial intelligence (AI) to women’s studies, The Basics are an ideal starting point for students seeking to understand a subject area. Each text comes with recommendations for further study and gra- dually introduces the complexities and nuances within a subject.

English Grammar, The Basics, McCarthy M., 2021

If you never studied linguistics, you might be baffled if you saw the word morphosyntax, a technical term known to linguists which refers to rules that explain how items are related to one another in language. But you would probably feel reasonably familiar with the word grammar if it cropped up in conversation. Grammar is also a technical term in the study of language but at the same time it is a word people use in their everyday ‘language about language’, as familiar as spelling or punctuation.

1.Everyone knows what grammar is … don’t they?
2.From words to sentences.
3.The grammar toolbox.
4.The grammar toolbox continued.
5.Theories and thinkers.
6.Word of mouth: Grammar in action.
7.Grammar policy, grammar politics and grammar police.
8.Grammar in the public eye.

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