Family and Friends 5, Teachers Book Plus, Mackay B., 2019

Family and Friends 5, Teachers Book Plus, Mackay B., 2019.

   Family and Friends 2nd Edition is a complete seven-level course of English for children in primary schools. It uses a clear grammar-based curriculum alongside parallel syllabi in skills and phonics. In this way, children develop the confidence and competence to communicate effectively in English, as well as understanding and processing information from a wide range of sources. Family and Friends 2nd Edition combines the most effective literacy techniques used with native English speakers with proven techniques for teaching English as a foreign language to children.

Family and Friends 5, Teachers Book Plus, Mackay B., 2019

Do something different!.
Culture note: Youth clubs.
Youth clubs are popular in Britain. A youth club is a club where students can gather socially and meet their friends. The clubs usually open once or twice a week after school. Adults who are youth leaders work at the club and look after the students and organize events.

The aim of most youth clubs is to provide a place where friends can meet, chat, play games such as table tennis, listen to music, and generally just 'hang out' together. Some youth clubs have a specific focus, e.g. sport, drama, or dance. The activities and events that they do there will be determined by the focus of the club.

Starter: Do something different!.
Do something different!.
You can build it!.
It's show time!.
The best party ever!.
Our planet.
Reuse and recycle.
Crazy about wildlife!.
Call an ambulance!.
Let's eat healthily.
The big match.
Ancient buildings.
A message for the future.
Be a part of history!.

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