Family and Friends 1, Teachers Book Plus, Penn J., 2019

Family and Friends 1, Teachers Book Plus, Penn J., 2019.

   Family and Friends 2nd Edition is a complete seven-level course of English for children in primary schools. It uses a clear grammar-based curriculum alongside parallel syllabi in skills and phonics. In this way, children develop the confidence and competence to communicate effectively in English, as well as understanding and processing information from a wide range of sources. Family and Friends 2nd Edition combines the most effective literacy techniques used with native English speakers with proven techniques for teaching English as a foreign language to children.

Family and Friends 1, Teachers Book Plus, Penn J., 2019

• As children come in, say Hello. Encourage them to say Hello. Ask children to say Hello to children next to them.
• Say Hello. My name's... and encourage children to do the same in pairs.
• Play a game. Say Stand up! and indicate to the class to stand up. Say Sit down! and indicate them to sit. Say Stand upland Sit down! several times. The last child to complete the action is'out'.

• Put flashcards 1 -4 in an envelope. Bring them out one at a time and say the names for children to repeat in chorus.
• Model Hello, Rosy! etc. and children repeat. As you bring out each flashcard, children respond with Hello, Tim! etc.
• Divide the class into two. When you reveal a flashcard, half of the class says What's your name? The other half responds with My name's Billy, etc.

Starter: Hello.
What's this?.
This is my nose!.
He's a hero!.
Where's the ball?.
Billy's teddy!.
Are these his trousers?.
A new friend!.
I like monkeys!.
Tidy up!.
Let's play ball!.

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