Speakout, Advanced Plus, Student s Book, Answer Keys, 2018

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Speakout, Advanced Plus, Student's Book, Answer Keys, 2018.

Фрагмент из книги.
Mariéme Jamme – recognising through the horrors of her childhood just how important an education is; enabling girls to study in a range of fi elds.
Jadav Payeng – seeing the devastation of deforestation on Majuli Island; he’s planted trees that amount to a forest and support wildlife.
Michelle Payne – childhood passion for horseriding; her success in a male-dominated sport has inspired women (and probably men).

Speakout, Advanced Plus, Student's Book, Answer Keys, 2018

Positive image: Interesting camera angles (some of which make the spaces, e.g. the bedrooms, look bigger); attractive lighting; restful, upbeat music, makes you feel chilled; a lot of screen time given to the founders, who of course present a positive image of themselves and of the residence. Interviews with inhabitants who have direct experience and are positive.

Doubts expressed: These all come through the nature of the reporter’s questions, which are listed/paraphrased in Ex 3B. All the questions have an element of trying to fi nd the problems/issues with the residence.

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