Ultimate russian advanced, Blanshei J., 2003

Ultimate russian advanced, Blanshei J., 2003.

Available September 2003Created for the serious language-learner, our deluxe Ultimate Russian Advanced course has been revised and updated. It teaches a sophisticated level of conversation and grammar and is equivalent to two years of college study. Free additional exercises are now available on line!Perfect for the businessperson and anyone traveling or living abroad, Ultimate Russian Advanced course contains a 400+ page book with eight 60-minute CDs covering 20 lessons. Each lesson includes lively, up-to-date dialogues, vocabulary, exercises, culture notes, and detailed explanations of grammar.

Ultimate russian advanced, Blanshei J., 2003

This set of recordings gives you four hours of audio practice in Russian only, featuring the complete dialogues of all 20 lessons. The recorded material in each dialogue appears in boldface type in your manual. You’ll first hear native Russian speakers read the complete dialogue without interruption, at normal conversational speed. Then you’ll have a chance to listen to the dialogue a second time and repeat each phrase in the pauses provided. The last five dialogues are recorded at normal conversational speed only.

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