IELTS, General writing task 1-2, Masterclass, Roche M., 2018

IELTS, General writing task 1-2, Masterclass, Roche M., 2018.

   “IELTS General Writing Task Masterclass” from the IELTS Writing Masterclass series is perfect for Upper-Intermediate and Advanced students, and it is based on years of real classroom experience and years of research into second language writing skills cquisition. It contains IELTS writing exercises and specialised IELTS exam strategies to quickly improve your IELTS General Test results.

IELTS, General writing task 1-2, Masterclass, Roche M., 2018

Letter of Application.
In this type of formal letter, you're asked to write a formal letter or email applying for a job, accommodation, or place on a course. Again, the recipient of this letter is a prospective employer or educational institution.

Cover letters, sometimes called letters of application, are crucial parts of your application, whether you're a university student or a candidate looking for a job. While there are virtually no limits to the different designs you can use for your letter of application, there are some general guidelines you will want to apply to make sure it is appropriate for the exam. It is first essential to make sure your cover letter has an excellent appearance regarding both structure and language.

About the Author.
FREE Professional Writing Course.
About This Book.
The 12 Rules of IELTS General Writing.
IELTS General Writing Overview.
Chapter 1: Formal Letters in English.
Letter of Reference.
Expressing Ideas.
Letter of Application.
Organisation & Essential Language: Formal Letter of Complaint.
Essential Language for a Letter of Complaint.
Topic-specific phrases.
Formal Letters: Structure Rules.
Formal Letters: Language Practice.
Chapter 2: Informal Letters.
Formal VS Informal Language List.
The IELTS Writing Checklist.
Chapter 3: IELTS Essay.
Focus on the topic and the task.
Understanding the Topic of the Essay.
Connecting words and set phrases.
Chapter 4: Essay Writing Tricks.
The Structure of Paragraphs.
Expressing the importance of the topic.
Showing Balance in your Essay.
Being Specific.
Useful Language.
Formal VS Informal Language List.
Useful Phrases.
Expressing Views.
Refuting an Argument.
Providing Support.
Defining and Explaining.
Use These Carefully.
Use Moderately.
Other Useful Phrases.
Introducing a False Argument.
Destroying a False Argument.
Suggesting a Correct Argument.
FREE Professional Writing Course.
Mega-Bonus: FREE Books & Resources.

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