Empower B1, Teachers Book, 2015

Empower B1, Teachers Book, 2015.

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Show students a photo you like on your own phone. Choose a photo with people in it if possible. If your group is large, you could project the photo onto a screen or whiteboard. Encourage questions from the group. Ask the group if they have any pictures on their phone they would like to share with the group. Encourage students to walk around the classroom and show their pictures to other students and ask questions about them in English. Monitor and support students with useful phrases for their conversations.

Empower B1, Teachers Book, 2015

Do you play any sports?
a Read through the questions with the class and then students discuss the questions in pairs.

b Ask students what they think the title of the article means. (Small talk is friendly conversation about things that aren’t very important, often just to pass the time.) Students read the first paragraph. Discuss the answers to the questions as a class. (The article is for people who don’t know what to say when meeting people for the first time. It offers a solution to the problem by giving ideas for some good questions to start a conversation.)

c Read through the questions as a class. Students read the rest of the article individually and use the questions to complete the text. They then check in pairs. Finally, check the answers as a class.

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