English Grammar in Use, Murphy R., 2019

English Grammar in Use, Murphy R., 2019.

   English Grammar in Use was written as a self-study grammar book, but teachers may also find it useful as additional course material in cases where further work on grammar is necessary.
The book will probably be most useful at middle- and upper-intermediate levels (where all or nearly all of the material will be relevant), and can serve both as a basis for revision and as a means for practising new structures. It will also be useful for some more advanced students who have problems with grammar and need a book for reference and practice. The book is not intended to be used by elementary learners.

English Grammar in Use, Murphy R., 2019

I’m going to (do).
I am going to do something = I have already decided to do it, I intend to do it:
‘Are you going to eat anything?’ ‘No, I’m not hungry.’
a: I hear Sarah won the lottery. What is she going to do with the money?
b: She’s going to buy a new car.
I’m just going to make a quick phone call. Can you wait for me?
This cheese smells horrible. I’m not going to eat it.

I am doing and I am going to do
I am doing = it is already fixed or arranged. For example, you have arranged to go somewhere
or meet somebody:
I’m leaving next week. I’ve booked my flight.
What time are you meeting Emily this evening?
I am going to do something = I’ve decided to do it. Maybe I’ve arranged to do it, maybe not.
a: Your shoes are dirty.
b: Yes, I know. I’m going to clean them.
(= I’ve decided to clean them, but I haven’t arranged this with anybody)
I don’t want to stay here. Tomorrow I’m going to look for somewhere else to stay.

To the student.
To the teacher.
Present and past.
Present perfect and past.
Reported speech.
Questions and auxiliary verbs.
-ing and to.
Articles and nouns.
Pronouns and determiners.
Relative clauses.
Adjectives and adverbs.
Conjunctions and prepositions.
Phrasal verbs.
Appendix 1 Regular and irregular verbs.
Appendix 2 Present and past tenses.
Appendix 3 The future.
Appendix 4 Modal verbs (can/could/will/would etc.).
Appendix 5 Short forms (I’m / you’ve / didn’t etc.).
Appendix 6 Spelling.
Appendix 7 American English.
Additional exercises.
Study guide.
Key to Exercises.
Key to Additional exercises.
Key to Study guide.

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