The english grammar workbook for adults, DiGiacomo M., 2020

The english grammar workbook for adults, DiGiacomo M., 2020.

   This book is divided into two parts. The first part is a collection of the most practical and commonly used English grammar patterns. Each section is designed to give you a concise review of that grammar pattern, including its structure, meaning, and, most importantly, usage. At the end of each lesson, you’ll find an exercise to give you some practice. You can check your answers with the answer key at the back of the book.

The english grammar workbook for adults, DiGiacomo M., 2020

Hyphenated Nouns.
When we hyphenate nouns and numbers, the resulting combination becomes an adjective, or describing word. Interestingly, the noun part of these adjectives is always singular. When we say that Amisha is twenty years old, years is plural because year is a countable noun, and since twenty is more than one, we say twenty years. But when we say that Amisha is a twenty-year-old woman, hyphenating the words twenty, year, and old turns the resulting phrase into an adjective. Now the noun year is in the singular form: Amisha is a twenty-year-old woman. Twenty-year-old is a hyphenated adjective.

Here are some other examples:
1. Kim bought a ten-pound bag of flour to make cookies.
2. All the doctors work a twelve-hour shift two or three times per month.
3. Chang has a thirty-six-inch monitor on his desk.

How to Use This Workbook on an Ebook Device.
Part One: By the Book.
Chapter One: Nouns, Determiners, and.
Chapter Two: Adjectives.
Chapter Three: Adverbs.
Chapter Four: Verbs.
Chapter Five: Verb Tenses.
Chapter Six: Advanced Ideas with Verbs.
Chapter Seven: Prepositions.
Chapter Eight: Sentences and Punctuation.
Chapter Nine: Usage and Style.
Chapter Ten: The Paragraph.
Part Two: Writing in Your Everyday Life.
Chapter Eleven: School.
Chapter Twelve: Work.
Chapter Thirteen: Social Situations.
Chapter Fourteen: Getting Creative.
Chapter Fifteen: Our Digital World.
Irregular Verbs Cheat Sheet.
Spelling Cheat Sheet.
Parts of Speech Cheat Sheet.
Answer Key.
Further Reading and Resources.
About the Author.

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