Roadmap A2+, Video scripts, 2019

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Roadmap A2+, Video scripts, 2019.

Фрагмент из книги.
They say it’s best to take small steps if you want to change your lifestyle. Sitting down all day isn’t very healthy and doing a bit of exercise can make us feel much better. I feel fantastic after my session with Steve, I really do. This is Ronnie your Roadmap reporter signing.

Roadmap A2+, Video scripts, 2019

Unusual tastes.
R: Hello, its Ronnie your Roadmap reporter here … and I have a breaking news story! The UK has a vegetable problem. It seems that people in the UK are eating fewer vegetables than ever before. In fact, we’re eating a lot less now than we were 60 years ago. What’s wrong with people? Vegetables are great! I love them. Did you know that potatoes were the first food to be grown in space? Or, that you can use a cucumber as an eraser?
So, how can we get people to start eating vegetables again? Earlier today I met a man who has the answer.

R: Joining me in the studio is Phil. Phil’s an expert in growing vegetables. What do you grow Phil?

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