IELTS Writing Task 2, January-April, 2022

IELTS Writing Task 2, January-April, 2022.

   "IELTS Writing Actual Tests (Task 2) January 2022 Questions & Sample Answers" provides both IELTS learners and trainers with an extensive collection of writing task two topics. It covers a rich variety of subjects needed to master this most challenging part of the IELTS writing test.
In other words, it provides IELTS trainers with up-to-date, and authentic IELTS writing part two topics with sample answers.
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IELTS Writing Task 2, January-April, 2022

Opinion Essay.
Some people think that employers should not be concerned about how employees dress at work, but the quality of work only. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample Answer
Professional clothes and dressing sense at work has persistently been a subject of dispute among people. Some people consider that the organizations' administrators and the higher management should not be bothered about how the employees dress. I disagree with this notion and realize the essence of business attire at work. In the following paragraph, I shall further my opinions on this viewpoint.

The very essence of having business attire and the fundamental emergence of professional dressing is to invoke a sense of uniformity and constancy among all. The incidents of people forming opinions and at times getting engrossed in chatting about one's choice of outfit is rife and has been time and again seen denigrating one and making them rate low on self-esteem. This causes mental fatigue in an individual trying to match up with a standardized dressing norm. Moreover, in this process, it has been seen as to how the efficacy of an individual extenuates upon thinking about such insignificant and paltry issues. In addition to that, it revitalizes the sense of belonging among colleagues and employees.

Opinion Essay.
Discussion Essay.
Advantages / Disadvantages Essay.
Cause / Solution Ess.
Direct Question Essay.

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