Home Fun Booklet 2, Answers, Owen M., 2017

Home Fun Booklet 2, Answers, Owen M., 2017.

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This is my family! My dad’s name is Nick and he likes taking photos. My mum is Grace and she loves the colour purple. My baby brother Dan loves frogs!
My sister Lucy loves football and she plays every day. My grandpa’s name is Bill and my grandma’s name is May. They like walking in the park. I’m Alex and I like climbing trees! Oh and I forgot! Our cat is Tom and he loves eating our shoes!

Home Fun Booklet 2, Answers, Owen M., 2017

The world around us.
Read, draw and colour.
Colour the sun orange.
Draw three trees under the sun.
Draw two big fish in the sea, next to the boat.
Colour the fish pink.
Colour the sea blue.
Colour the man's hat red.
Colour the woman’s hat green.
Colour the sand yellow.

The body and face.
Family and friends.
Food and drink.
The home.
The world around us.

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