В мире искусства, Часть 2, Бабушкин A.П., Картавцев B.Н., 2016

В мире искусства, Часть 2, Бабушкин A.П., Картавцев B.Н., 2016.
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Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) identified his music much more closely with moral and political ideas. Two of his most important works, the opera Fi-delio and the Choral symphony, are specifically to do with freedom from political tyranny and the universal brotherhood of man. His views were shaped largely by the French revolution, which started in 1789, when he was still only nineteen years old. Beethoven’s imagination was fired by the revolutionary ideals of Liber-te, Egalite, Fraternite (Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood), and some years later he dedicated his Eroica symphony to Napoleon Bonaparte as the liberator of Europe from the old order of kings and princes. He changed the dedication when Napoleon was himself crowned emperor. Beethoven saw this as a betrayal of the revolution and angrily struck Napoleon’s name from the title page of the original score.

В мире искусства, Часть 2, Бабушкин A.П., Картавцев B.Н., 2016

Artistic and cultural life in Britain is rather rich. It passed several main stages in its development. The Saxon King Alfred encouraged the arts and culture. The chief debt owed to him by English literature is for his translations of and commentaries on Latin works.

Art, culture and literature flowered during the Elizabethan age, during the reign of Elizabeth I; it was the period of English domination of the oceans. It was at this time that William Shakespeare lived. The empire, which was very powerful under Queen Victoria, saw another cultural and artistic heyday as a result of industrialization and the expansion of international trade But German air raids caused much damage in the First World War and then during the Second World War. The madness of the wars briefly interrupted the development of culture. Immigrants who have arrived from all parts of the Commonwealth since 1945 have not only created a mixture of nations, but have also brought their cultures and habits with them. Monuments and traces of past greatness are everywhere. There are buildings of all styles and periods. A great number of museums and galleries display precious and interesting finds from all parts of the world and from all stages in the development of nature, man and art.

Unit 8. Beethoven.
Unit 9. Artistic and Cultural Life in Britain.
Unit 10. The Art of Acting and the Globe Theatre.
Unit 11. Ballet Today.
Unit 12. Film Career.
Unit 13. The British Museum.
Unit 14. Rock and Pop Music.
Unit 15. Holidays and Customs.
Unit 16. National Sports.
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