Oxford Word Skills, Idioms and Phrasal Verbs, Intermediate Vocabulary, Gairns R., Redman S., 2020

Oxford Word Skills, Idioms and Phrasal Verbs, Intermediate Vocabulary, Gairns R., Redman S., 2020.
   Oxford Word Skills is a series of three books for students to learn and practise new vocabulary.
Each level contains 100 units of vocabulary presentation and practice, with a unit being 1-2 pages, depending on the size of the topic. New vocabulary is presented in manageable chunks, then immediately followed up with practice exercises, usually on the same page.
The units are grouped within modules containing 3-10 units. A majority of the modules are topic-based, e.g.
People, Food and drink, Study and work, but some modules have a language focus, e.g. Prepositions, Adjectives and adverbs, Verbs.

Oxford Word Skills, Idioms and Phrasal Verbs, Intermediate Vocabulary, Gairns R., Redman S., 2020

Feelings and emotions.
How would you feel in these situations? Write your answers using words from the table, or ask another student.
Someone hits your car because they were driving badly.
1 You've just passed an important exam
2 Your boyfriend/girlfnend is away and hasn't phoned or texted you.
3 Your lovely old dog has just died.
4 A man walks up to you in the street and puts a knife in front of your face.
5 You're on holiday, but you can't go out because you've got a bad cold.
6 It's Friday evening and you have a free weekend ahead of you.
7 You thought it would rain, but it was sunny for your lunch in the garden.
8 You are going somewhere by plane and you don’t like flying.
9 You didn't get a job you wanted.

True or false? Write T or F.
If you're in a bad mood you're not happy.
1 If you hide your feelings people can see you’re very emotional
2 If you do something wrong to somebody else, you may feel guilty about it.
3 If you're in a good mood, you're annoyed.
4 If you're nervous, you're feeling a bit worried or afraid.
5 If you're jealous of another person, it's because you like them
6 If you're very emotional, you might shout or cry.
7 If you're stressed, you feel excited about something.
8 A big occasion is when something important happens.

List of spotlight boxes.
1. Vocabulary learning.
2. Progress and aims.
3. Using an English dictionary.
4. English punctuation.
5. The body.
6. Appearance.
7. Character.
8. Feelings and emotions.
9. Personal qualities.
10. Friendship.
11. Families.
12. Marriage and divorce.
13. Geography.
14. The universe and science.
15. Weather conditions.
16. Climate change.
17. Saving the environment.
18. Animals, insects and birds.
LANGUAGE FOCUS adjectives and adverbs.
19. Adjectives (1).
20. Adjectives (2): opposites.
21. Adverbs (1): degree and frequency.
22. Adverbs (2): emphasizing and manner.
23. Fruit, vegetables and herbs.
24. Containers and quantities.
25. Cooking.
26. Shopping.
27. Clothing.
28. Fashion.
29. Illness and accidents.
30. Hospital.
31. Roads.
32. Driving.
33. Trains and buses.
34. Air travel.
35. Holidays.
LANGUAGE FOCUS prepositions.
36. Verb + preposition.
37. Noun + preposition.
38. Prepositions in time phrases.
39. Adjective + preposition.
40. Prepositional phrases.
41. Describing objects.
42. Household tasks.
43. Buildings.
44. How to grow something.
45. Shapes and lines.
46. A painting.
47. The five senses.
48. Crime.
49. The justice system.
50. Health issues.
51. Politics.
52. War and peace.
53. Events in history.
54. Social issues.
55. Irregular verbs.
56. Verb + infinitive or -ing form.
57. Using verbs with reflexive pronouns.
59. Art.
60. Films.
61. Theatre.
62. Music.
63. TV and online viewing.
64. Newspapers.
65. Books.
66. Sporting events.
67. Sport: people and places.
68. Festivals.
69. The internet.
70. Email and social media.
LANGUAGE FOCUS word building.
71. Word building: prefixes.
72. Word building: suffixes.
73. Link words.
74. School.
75. Academic life.
76. Student life.
77. Describing jobs.
78. Careers.
79. Applying for a job.
80. Finance.
81. Running a business.
82. Marketing.
Vocabulary building.
Common irregular verbs.
Answer key.

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