Loanwords dictionary, Urdang I., Frank R., 1988

Loanwords dictionary, Urdang I., Frank R., 1988.  

A dictionary, however modest or narrowly defined its subject area, is a compilation of many thousands of bits of information from numerous sources, dependent on the technical and administrative talents of many for its success. But it is the judgment, experience, and human limitations of the editor that are manifest in the final product. Hence, responsibility for any errors on these pages must rest with the editor, who can only hope that the concept and presentation will prove valuable in general use. The comments and suggestions of users of this dictionary are welcome, with the further hope that such improvements as may be noted will see their way into future editions.

Loanwords dictionary, Urdang I., Frank R., 1988

Style and General Features of Loanwords Dictionary.
Each entry begins with the headword or entry word in boldface type, along with common alternate forms, if any. Thus, plural forms of nouns (labeled pi), and gender-specific forms of nouns and adjectives (labeled fern. or masc.) are given for feminine and masculine forms in the headword, as are any other frequently used alternate forms.

Loanwords Dictionary.

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