Speakout Starter 2nd, Writing extra with key, 2016

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Speakout Starter 2nd, Writing extra with key, 2016.

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My name is Sophie I’m 23. I’m from York I live in London. I’m British my parents are French. I speak English, French Spanish. I’m a student I’m a waitress in a restaurant. My brother’s name is Thibault he’s 25. He’s a doctor works in a big hospital. My best friend is Melissa. She’s a teacher isn’t happy in her job.

Speakout Starter 2nd, Writing extra with key, 2016

Hi Steve.
How are you! happy New Year! Where were you for New Year. Were you with your family or with friends? i was in sydney with my sister and her husband. It was fantastic. First, we went to the beach and played volleyball with her friends, Everyone else was great but I was terrible. Then we had a barbecue on the beach It was great and the food was excellent. We had burgers sausages chips. After that we travelled into the centre of Sydney and watched the fi reworks. The journey back to my sister’s fl at was really bad. The buses and trams were very crowded and there were no taxis. We waited for two hours for a bus. Finally we arrived back at her fl at at 4am and went to bed!

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