Английский язык, 8 класс, Часть 1, Тер-Минасова С.Г., Узунова Л.М., 2018

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Английский язык, 8 класс, Часть 1, Тер-Минасова С.Г., Узунова Л.М., 2018.
  Read the definitions and the examples and guess the meaning of the new words.
provide v: to give: to provide with all necessities; to provide with food; to provide with clothes. I must work to provide my children with food and clothes. This hostel provides its visitors with ail necessities. The money will be used to provide the school with new computers.

Английский язык, 8 класс, Часть 1, Тер-Минасова С.Г., Узунова Л.М., 2018

September Mood.
It is Monday morning. Miss Goodbody walks into the office. Her holiday is over and she has just come back to work. She looks brown and happier than usual. The other girls stand around her. “Where did you go?" one asks. “Italy. A little place near Naples." “Was it an apartment with self-catering?” “I prefer better facilities on holidays.” “What was the weather like?” “Hot, of course." “Where did you go?” “Oh, Brighton." “Did you enjoy it?” “Yes, quite. It rained a bit.”

It's September. The holidays are over and the girls are busy, their job season has begun.
Mr. Wetherington comes ten minutes later. He is not very happy. Every Monday morning since early June he has heard the same talk in the train on his way to the office in London. Someone is just back from holidays. Everyone else is asking where he went and what the weather was like and if he enjoyed himself. He tries to avoid such conversations as his holiday was over two months ago.

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