Контрольные задания 1-4 по английскому языку, 2004

Контрольные задания 1-4 по английскому языку, 2004.

Учебно-методические материалы для слушателей заочных подготовительных курсов.

Контрольные задания 1-4 по английскому языку, 2004

Home exercises.
I. Translate and learn the words and word combinations from the vocabulary list above.
II. Study the grammar material on the use of the Present Simple Tense, the Present Continuous Tense, Degrees of Comparison.
III. Read and learn the text below.

Andrew Barton comes from Newcastle, a large city in the north-east of England. He is married to Marion and they’ve got two children - Ben aged twelve and little Stella who is four years old. The other adult in the Barton family is Andrew’s mother. Mrs. Barton.
Andrew' works for a company which manufactures computers. Ben studies at school and on weekday mornings he catches his school bus at 8.15. Marion doesn’t work, she takes care of her daughter. She also does a lot of jobs around the house. Mrs. Barton, Marion’s mother-in-law' helps her with house, work.Mrs. Barton is the heart of the family. She is a caring grandmother who adores her grandchildren and they love her too. She is a plump elderly lady rather short. She has a round face, short greyish curly hair and friendly green eyes. She has a wrinkled face, her rosy cheeks give her face a childlike appearance and she looks young for her age.

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